Sharing Google Drive Folders: What Can Others See?

if i share a folder in google drive can they see my other folders

If I share a folder in google drive can they see my other folders?

Have you ever shared a Google Drive folder with someone and then wondered exactly what they could see? As someone who uses Google Drive for both personal and work files, I’ve definitely had that thought to cross my mind a few times. I share folders with family, friends, coworkers, and clients, but I don’t always stop to consider the implications. What if there’s something in there I didn’t mean to share? What if they can see files I thought were private? I decided it was time to do some investigating to determine what’s really visible when you share a Google Drive folder. Here’s what I found out and how you can make sure you’re only sharing exactly what you intend to.

Can People See My Other Folders When I Share a Google Drive Folder?

When I share a folder in my Google Drive, I often wonder – can people see my other files and folders? As it turns out, the answer depends on how I choose to share.

If I share a folder by entering someone’s email address or by generating a shareable link, the person I’m sharing with will only have access to that specific folder and its contents. They won’t be able to see any of my other Google Drive files or folders. Phew! My private stuff stays private.

However, if I add someone to my Google Drive and give them edit access or ownership access to a folder, it’s a different story. In that case, they’ll be able to see all of my Google Drive files and folders, not just the one I shared. They’ll have the same level of access to everything that I do.

  • To share a folder without giving access to everything else:
  • Right-click the folder and select “Share with others.”
  • Enter the email addresses of people you want to share with or click “Get shareable link” to generate a link.
  • Choose “Viewer” or “Commenter” access. This allows them to view and comment on files but not edit or delete them.
  • To share a folder and give full access to your Google Drive:
  • Click the “Share with others” option.
  • Click “Add people and groups” and enter the email address.
  • Choose “Editor” or “Owner” access. This gives them to edit or ownership rights to the shared folder and full access to your Google Drive.

Use the sharing options carefully depending on how much access you want to provide. Your Google Drive files and folders will stay private unless you specifically choose to share them!

How Folder Permissions Work in Google Drive

When you share a folder in Google Drive, you’re giving other people access to view and edit the files inside. But don’t worry, you have control over exactly what others can see and do.

As the folder owner, I can set specific permissions for people I share with. I might choose “can view” if I just want them to see everything but not make any changes. The “can comment” option is good if I want them to give feedback or ask questions. And “can edit” means they have full control to add, remove and revise files.

  • For even more control, I can set unique permissions for individual files within the shared folder. So if there’s a document I want to keep private, I’ll just change its settings to “restricted”. Easy peasy.
  • Something else to keep in mind is that anyone I share a folder with can then share it with other people. To prevent this, I simply check the “disable options to share with others” box. That way, only the people I originally chose can access the folder.
  • And finally, I can always change the permissions or stop sharing the folder altogether whenever I want. My Google Drive folders are my digital space, so I’m in full control of who sees what.

Sharing folders in Google Drive is a great way to collaborate and work with others. But by understanding how the permission settings work, you can share with confidence knowing your files are as private or public as you want them to be.

Checking Folder Permissions Before Sharing

When I share a Google Drive folder with someone, I always double-check the permissions first. The last thing I want is for files or information to be seen by the wrong person!

Checking Folder Permissions

Before inviting anyone to view or edit a folder, go to the folder settings by right-clicking the folder name. Under “Sharing and permissions,” you’ll see options for who has access. Make sure “Private – Only you can access” is selected.

  • Anyone with the link: Don’t choose this! It means anyone who has the folder link can view and edit files.
  • Specific people: Choose this to share with select individuals by entering their email addresses. You can set permissions for view, comment or edit for each person.
  • Public on the web: Never select this option, as it makes your entire folder visible to anyone on the internet!

Once you’ve double-checked the permissions are set to “Private,” you can start adding individuals with the access you want them to have. I usually start by only allowing view access, then change to edit access once I know they understand proper file management. You can always change or remove access for any individual later on.

It’s a good rule of thumb to limit folder access to only those who truly need it. The more people who can view, edit and upload files, the higher the chance of errors, duplicated work or even malicious activity. If needed, consider creating subfolders within the main folder with different access permissions to keep some files private.

Regularly reviewing your Google Drive sharing settings and permissions is key. Go through each folder and double-check that the access still matches your intended usage and sharing policies. It only takes one slip-up to compromise sensitive data or allow unauthorized changes, so staying on top of Drive permissions is well worth the effort.

Changing Folder Permissions After Sharing

Once you’ve shared a Google Drive folder with someone, you may want to change the permissions to limit what they can see or do. As the folder owner, you have full control over the access you grant to others.

Adjusting View Permissions

If you shared the folder so others could view the contents but now want to revoke access, you can change the permission to “Off”. This will prevent anyone else from seeing what’s inside the folder. To do this, open the folder and click the “Share with others” button. Find the name of the person you want to remove access for and click “Off” next to their name.

Limiting Edit Permissions

When you first share a folder, the default permission is “Can edit”. This means anyone you share with can add, remove and change files in the folder. If you want to lock down the folder to only allow viewing and commenting, change the permission to “Can view”. People you shared with will still be able to see everything in the folder but won’t be able to make any changes.

Removing Access Completely

If you no longer want someone you shared a folder with to have any access at all, you need to remove them from the list of people the folder is shared with. Open the folder, click “Share with others” and find the name of the person you want to remove. Click the “X” next to their name to revoke their access to the folder.

Sharing folders in Google Drive gives you a lot of flexibility and control. You can start by granting broad access with editing permissions and then scale back to more restrictive viewing or completely remove access for certain people as needed. It’s a good idea to periodically review the permissions on your shared Drive folders to make sure the right people have the right level of access. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Google Drive Sharing FAQs

When I first started using Google Drive, I had a lot of questions about sharing folders and files. Here are some of the most common FAQs I had, along with the answers I found.

What can people see when I share a folder?

When you share a Google Drive folder with someone, they can see everything in that folder – all files, subfolders, and their contents. So only share folders with people you trust and that need access to all that information.

Can I limit what others see in a shared folder?

Yes, you have a few options to limit visibility in a shared folder:

1. Share individual files instead of the entire folder. This way people can only see what you specifically share with them.
2. Create subfolders in the folder and only share certain subfolders. For example, you could have an “All Staff” folder that contains subfolders for different teams. Share the team subfolders with the appropriate people.
3. Change the sharing settings when you share the folder. You can choose to only give people view or comment access, rather than full edit access. You can also disable options like downloading, printing and copying for extra protection.
4. Be selective about what you put in shared folders in the first place. Only add files and information that you’re okay with the shared users seeing. Maintain separate folders for more private content.

Can I see who views or edits my shared files?

Yes, Google Drive provides visibility into the activity on your shared files and folders. You can see details like:

1. Who viewed, edited, or commented on files
2. What edits were made
3. When the activity occurred
4. What device was used

This can help give you peace of mind when sharing with others. If you notice any suspicious activity, you can adjust your sharing settings or contact the user.

Can I stop sharing a folder at any time?

Absolutely, you can stop sharing a Google Drive folder at any time. Just open the folder, click the “Share with others” button, find the name of the person you want to stop sharing with and click “Remove”. Their access will be immediately revoked. All previously shared information will no longer be visible to them.

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So there you have it. Now you know exactly what others can and can’t see when you share Google Drive folders with them. The key takeaway is that you have full control over how much or how little you share. You can keep certain files private while sharing entire folders with select people. Just be aware of the default link-sharing settings and double-check them before sending invites. Overall, Google Drive sharing is a useful feature, you just have to understand how the permissions work. With this knowledge in hand, you can share away without worrying about what’s visible to prying eyes. Your files are safe and secure until you decide to share them.

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