How to Log Out of Netflix on TV: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to log out of netflix on tv

Steps to log out of Netflix on TV

Netflix and chill? What about Netflix and logging out? When it’s time for you or your roomie to log out of your streaming session on the TV, you’re probably wondering how to do it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll break down the steps on how to log out of Netflix on a TV step-by-step. With these instructions, it’ll be a piece of cake to sign out of Netflix on your television. You’ll have plenty of time to watch the latest episode of your favourite show and plenty more after that. So what are you waiting for? Read on and find out how to log out of Netflix on TV so you can get back to watching (or logging in!).

Why You May Want to Log Out of Netflix on TV

If you plan to share your Netflix account with friends or family, knowing how to log out of Netflix on TV will become essential. No one likes having their account activities exposed – so here’s our guide on how to log out of Netflix on TV securely.

Logging out of Netflix after each viewing session is an integral step to safeguard your account and personal data against unauthorized access. As being logged into the same account allows access to anyone’s watch history, make sure that when finished viewing you log out so there’s no risk of someone viewing videos or shows meant solely for you!

Netflix users should always log off when using public services such as airports and hotels, since such establishments may share login data that enables anyone who accesses their system to see and use your profile. So even if it feels like an extra hassle right now, logging out is well worth it in the long run for extra security and privacy protection.

Locate the Netflix App on Your TV’s Home Screen

Logging out of Netflix is usually a simple process, but it depends on what type of device you’re using. An important first step is to locate the Netflix app on your TV’s home screen. To do so, you may need to use your remote’s navigation buttons to scroll up and down until you find the app icon. Once you’ve located it, press the button on your remote that corresponds with selecting an app.

If you have a Smart TV, there may also be an extra step in locating the app. On your home screen, look for a “Store” or “Apps” subsection where you can find and select Netflix from among other apps. This is more likely to be the case if a streaming stick or box has been plugged into your TV rather than downloading apps directly from your Smart TV itself.

Select Your Netflix Profile

Logging out of your Netflix profile on TV is actually really simple once you get the hang of it.

Finding Your Profile

First, when you first open Netflix on your TV, you’ll be asked to select a profile. Most likely, this will come up as each user associated with that TV needs to choose which profile they want to watch. Keep in mind that each user can only access one profile at a time.

Logging Out

Once you’ve selected your profile, if you want to log out (for example, if someone else wants to use the TV), just head over to the settings page. You can do this from the main menu or from the left-side menu. Select User or Profile Settings and choose Sign Out of All Devices from there – it’s just that simple!

As we mentioned before, each user will have their own set of preferences with Netflix so it’s important that each user logs out after they’re done watching. Doing so helps everyone get the best watching experience possible, plus it’s easy too!

Steps to Log Out of Netflix on TV

  1. Navigate to the Account Menu

    Once you’ve opened the Netflix app on your television and signed into your account, it’s time to find the Account Menu. To do this, press the arrow buttons on your remote to navigate up and down, left and right. Select the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen which will open the List of Profiles page. Here you can select a different profile if desired, or select “Manage Profiles” which will take you to the Account page.

    From here you’ll be able to see all of the available account settings and you can use your arrow buttons to navigate through them. The option you’re looking for is labelled “Sign Out” — when selected, you’ll be prompted with a confirmation message that reads, “Are you sure you want to sign out?” Select Yes if this is what you wish to do or No if you decide against logging out.

  2. Select the “Sign Out” button at the bottom of the page.

    When you see the other options, look for a sign-out or log-out option. This should be in the settings menu, but it could also be available directly from the home screen. If you’re having trouble finding it, you can check the Netflix help section for tips specific to your device or model.

    Once you’ve selected “Sign Out” or “Log Out,” Netflix will prompt you to confirm that you want to end your session. Click the confirm button and you’ll be logged out of Netflix! Done and done—you no longer need to worry about someone else having access to your account.

  3. You will have to confirm that you want to sign out of Netflix on your TV by selecting “Yes” from a pop-up window.

  4. Once you select “Yes,” Netflix will ask you one final time if you are sure that you want to sign out, and a list of devices that are connected to your account will appear (if applicable).

  5. When you feel confident that you have selected the correct information, select “Sign Out Everywhere” to end your session and log out of Netflix on TV completely.

And that’s it! When done correctly, all devices connected to your account should have been logged out, and a message saying as much should be displayed when finished.

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