5 Apps to Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 10

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Your Windows PC accumulates a collection of duplicate files over time, reducing the amount of storage available. As a result, your hard disc may become clogged, and your computer may become slower.

To offload extra files, you might acquire an extra USB flash drive or use cloud storage, but that won’t solve the problem of duplicating files on your device.

Locate and Delete All Duplicate File Traces
Because manually eliminating duplicate files can be time-consuming, you’re better off using applications that can detect and remove duplicate files from your PC for you.

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 10

Multiple backups to files in the Windows.old folder, cloned images, audio files, and programme files are all examples of duplicate files.

The task at hand is to locate and delete these files in order to free up space.

Furthermore, there’s a risk of deleting files that appear to be duplicates but aren’t. This may cause some apps to malfunction, or in the case of system files, your computer may become unbootable.

You’re better off deleting only duplicate files that you recognise to avoid deleting crucial system files.

Although Windows 10 has a built-in tool for locating and deleting duplicate files, you can use these third-party duplicate file finder applications.

1. Duplicate Cleaner Free

Duplicate Cleaner Free is a duplicate file scanner that can deep scan your computer for duplicate files and designate them for deletion based on your preferences.

After you download and install Duplicate Cleaner, you can choose which directories you wish to scan, and the application will generate a report with a list of all the duplicate files on your computer.

Duplicate Cleaner Free is a free trial version of the paid version, but it still allows you to locate and delete up to 100 duplicate files.

Key Features:

  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Search filters to fine-tune your search
  • File selection assistant to control what you want to keep or remove

2. Duplicate File Finder

If your hard drive is clogged with a variety of files that take up a lot of space, Auslogics’ Duplicate File Finder can help you identify and delete duplicate files.

The programme searches all file types on your computer for duplicates and chooses them automatically depending on specified search parameters. You can also choose which files to remove and what should happen to duplicate files that are deleted.

Key Features: 

  • File selection tool
  • Customizable settings by size, file name, date, hidden files
  • Native Rescue Center to store duplicate files
  • Recycle Bin for files you delete

3. SearchMyFiles

SearchMyFiles is a file search programme that also includes a duplicate file finder. The tool has a lot of capabilities, but it doesn’t take up a lot of RAM.

When looking for files, you can change a number of search parameters. You can, for example, exclude files based on their extension, search for files based on their size, or exclude files depending on whether or not they include specified text.

Other file search options include include or excluding files marked as hidden, read-only, encrypted, compressed, or archived, as well as employing wildcards to find files and subdirectories.

Key Features: 

  • File search options like wildcards
  • File removal tool
  • SearchMyFiles for faster access to built-in features

4. Duplicate File Remover

Duplicate File Remover is a media editing application to split your files and delete all duplicate files and copies from your hard drive. The utility removes duplicate media files or multiple copies of a single file in seconds.

You can effortlessly go through a large number of media files and documents to discover the original and delete duplicates. The utility will search your file system, choose files from your storage, organise them, and then provide you a list of duplicates that you may delete.

Key Features: 

  • Live status viewer that displays file processing
  • File scanner
  • Group view for media files stored on your device

5. Duplicate Cleaner (Pro)

Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a small programme with a lot of complex capabilities that may help you identify and delete duplicate files on your computer.

You can search for duplicate files based on keywords, file types, dates, and other characteristics. In addition, the programme examines hidden folders and zip files for duplicates that can be deleted.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro employs a mechanism that checks hash codes of duplicate file sizes to search your whole hard drive quickly.

You’ll obtain a summary of all the duplicate files on the device once the hashes are determined. This allows you to filter the results by folder, and you may either delete duplicates within each folder or entire folder groupings.

Key Features: 

  • Search tool
  • Dashboard to set up search criteria
  • Zip file and hidden folder scanner

Find and Remove All Traces of Duplicate Files

Duplicate file finders check your PC for duplicate files that you may delete to free up space and improve the efficiency of your device.

These five tools can help you get rid of duplicate files faster than doing it manually, whether you want a simple tool or one with extensive criteria.

In Windows 10, how do you identify and delete duplicate files? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.


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