Why Does Apple Music Keep Pausing? 10 Fixes to Try

By 4 weeks ago

Apple Music works phenomenally nicely on the iPhone, however, it isn’t always immune from issues. Rarely, you could run into times with the audio pausing randomly. That can manifest at the same time as streaming songs or gambling songs you’ve got downloaded for offline listening.

Below, you may determine out a handful of motives that could motive Apple Music to preserve pausing, in conjunction with answers that will help you restore the problem.

Force-Quit Apple Music App

Most of the time, simply force-quitting an app can turn out to be resolving masses of adlescent troubles related to it. The equal is going for the Music app.

Start through swiping up from the lowest of the iPhone’s display (or double-click on the Home button on an iPhone with Touch ID) to deliver up the App Switcher. Then, maintain and drag the Music card to the pinnacle of the display to take away it.

Follow through relaunching the Music app and begin gambling a song or album. If it maintains to pause a lot, pass on with the relaxation of the fixes.

Check the Apple Music System Status

Issues with the Apple Music servers also can purpose surprising pauses whilst streaming music. To take a look at if this is the case, load Apple’s System Status web page and take a look at the reputation subsequent to Apple Music. If you note an outage, live affected person till Apple types matters out. Usually, you might not should watch for long.

Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes, restarting your iPhone is all it takes to repair any underlying troubles inflicting songs in Apple Music to pause randomly.

Go to Settings > General > Shut Down to show off the iOS device. Then, comply with keeping down the Side button to reboot it.

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Woes

If Apple Music continues to cut off regularly over Wi-Fi, you’re likely dealing with a spotty connection. Here’s what you can do to fix that:

  1. Activate and deactivate Airplane Mode
  2. Renew the IP lease
  3. Reset the router
  4. Switch to another Wi-Fi network
  5. Switch to cellular data

If you switch to using cellular data, go to Settings Music > Cellular Data and ensure that the Music app has the permissions to stream and download tracks over cellular data.

Disable Low Data Mode

Low Data Mode on the iPhone helps conserve bandwidth, but it can also cause issues while streaming content over Wi-Fi or cellular data. So if you’ve activated the functionality, try disabling it. 

Here’s how to do that for Wi-Fi and cellular.

  1. Wi-Fi: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap the Info icon next to the active Wi-Fi connection. Then, turn off the switch next to Low Data Mode.
  2. Cellular: Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and deactivate the switch next to Low Data Mode.

Deactivate Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode (which turns the iPhone’s battery icon yellow) is every other motive that may save you apps from operating correctly, specially once they hold to run withinside the background.

If Apple Music pauses a second after switching to every other app or shutting down the display, visit Settings > Battery and flip off the transfer subsequent to Low Power Mode.

Disable Automatic Ear Detection in AirPods

If you operate a couple of AirPods, you can enjoy random pauses due to a function referred to as Automatic Ear Detection. It’s beneficial in case you need the song to prevent as you’re taking off your wi-fi earbuds. But it may additionally paintings towards you in case you fidget with them a lot.

To flip off Automatic Ear Detection, visit Settings > Bluetooth and faucet the Info icon subsequent in your AirPods (you ought to have them connected). Then, disable the transfer subsequent to Automatic Ear Detection.

Download the Track or Album

If the problem keeps arising at the same time as streaming a tune or album, downloading it can assist restore the problem. To keep an character’s music to nearby storage, faucet the three-dot icon subsequent to it (or long-press the tune) and pick Download.

To download an album, faucet the Download icon to the top-proper of the screen. Or, long-press the album and pick Download.

Delete and Redownload Track or Album

If a downloaded music or album finally ends up pausing randomly, it is in all likelihood corrupted. Try deleting and redownloading it.

To delete downloaded music or album, faucet the three-dot icon subsequent to it and pick Remove > Remove Download/Downloads.

Reset the iPhone’s Network Settings

If none of the fixes above work, try resetting the network settings on your iPhone. To do that, go to Settings General Reset and tap Reset Network Settings.

After the network settings reset, reconnect to Wi-Fi manually (the reset procedure deletes all saved Wi-Fi networks) or use cellular data to listen to Apple Music.

Still Having Issues? Here’s What You Can Do

The fixes above have to helped you get again to chill out in your favored Apple Music tracks with no demanding pauses.

However, if Apple Music continues pausing, test for any pending updates to the iPhone’s device software program and practice them. To do that, visit Settings > General > Software Update and faucet Download and Install. Aside from solving any recognized audio-associated troubles in iOS, that have to additionally practice the modern-day overall performance improvements to the Music app.

Additionally, you may pick to carry out an entire placing reset to revert any corrupt or conflicting device-associated configurations to their defaults. To do that, visit Settings > General > Reset and faucet Reset All Settings.


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