How to Test for Bad Memory (RAM) in Windows

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When your PC begins offevolved stuttering or freezing up randomly, it’s time to don the detective’s cap and begin searching into it. Testing your RAM for any reminiscence mistakes need to be step one on this journey, as horrific reminiscence is the maximum not unusualplace purpose for such issues.

There are more than one methods (and tools) to check RAM, starting from integrated Windows utilities to third-birthday birthday celebration software. We’ll cross over every choice on this in-intensity manual that will help you select the exceptional method.

Should You Test Memory With or Without Pre-Booting?

For a few years it become held that pc reminiscence needed to be examined with a pre-booting tool. This is due to the fact in vintage structures reminiscence become pretty limited. It wasn’t uncommon to peer the working device nook a lion’s proportion of the device resources, leaving little or no reminiscence to be truly examined.

In cutting-edge computers, that is now not a concern. PCs have extra RAM capability than ever before, and the working device simplest makes use of a small bite of this. This makes reminiscence trying out equipment that characteristic with out pre-booting simply as precise as conventional trying out software.

Moreover, the trying out algorithms utilized by pre-booting equipment aren’t that correct at simulating real-existence utilization patterns. While those algorithms can ferret out large logical issues, many smaller mistakes can pass undetected. For this reason, it’s advocated which you additionally take a look at your reminiscence the use of an software which can run inside Windows.

Test Your RAM With the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

The simplest device to get hold of is the Windows Memory Diagnostic device – due to the fact it’s constructed into Windows. You don’t want to create a bootable USB or down load any app.

it’s additionally right at catching obvious reminiscence errors, supporting you notice a horrific RAM module with out a lot hassle. The best drawback is that the device is pretty old, and doesn’t try this nicely at locating greater diffused reminiscence errors.

  1. To run the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, kind reminiscence diagnostic withinside the seek container and press Enter.

2. Running the app brings up a activate with options. You can both time table a test for the subsequent time the laptop is restarted or choose to Restart now and test for problems.

3. After the PC has restarted, it’s going to routinely provoke the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool. Your RAM can be placed via numerous tests, and the popularity will replace if any mistakes are found.

4. Once the take a look at is complete, the laptop ought to boot normally. According to the tool, you ought to get a message approximately the outcomes of the take a look at, however in practice, it not often appears. To view the outcomes, you ought to discover the message withinside the Event Viewer. Right-click on at the Start button and select Event Viewer.

5. Event Viewer has a complex interface. It presentations logs of all movements done at the computer, inclusive of device tasks. For now, navigate to Windows Logs > System from the listing at the left.

6. This will show a list of all system events, but finding the right one manually is an uphill task. Select Find… from the actions on the right.

7. Enter MemoryDiagnostics to locate the records of the testing event. Close the box to view the details in the middle pane.

Use Passmark’s MemTest86 To Check Your RAM

The integrated Windows application isn’t precisely the satisfactory RAM trying out device out there. It’s pretty old. While it may spot simple errors, many superior problems can frequently pass omitted via way of means of it.

To comprehensively take a look at your reminiscence and rule out problems, we propose MemTest86. A famous device, it’s a pre-booting software that very well tests your RAM for errors.

  1. Head to the official website to download the free version of the software.

2. As the application needs to boot from a pen drive, the setup is actually an image writing program. Use it to prepare a USB drive with MemTest86.

3. Now whilst you restart your computer, MemTest86 will boot from the USB. You can press any button at the splash display screen to pause the boot and configure the alternatives first. On your first attempt though, we advise leaving all alternatives on their default values.

4. After this MemTest86 will start running tests on the RAM. You can view the progress on your screen, including the number of errors found.

5. When the process is complete, you will see a summary of the results that describe the main issues found in the test.

6. You’ll be prompted to save an HTML report on the USB stick. Press y to do so.

7. This HTML report can be accessed after your computer starts up normally, located on the pen drive. It contains a more detailed look at the tests and the resulting information

Is MemTest86+ Different?

You may have heard of software under a slightly different name, MemTest86. This is another branch of the same app and has almost the same functionality. Usually you don’t need to use both. Choose one of these versions and use it.

Test Without Pre-Booting With HCI Design’s MemTest

All of the applications we have seen so far test the memory without the operating system running. That used to be the standard method, as Windows itself could hog a big part of the available memory, preventing the software from testing the complete RAM.

Nowadays, memory capacities are much higher than operating system requirements. Furthermore, pre-booted tests are bad at simulating actual RAM usage, and can often miss critical errors.

For this reason, it’s recommended to test your RAM with a testing tool that can run alongside Windows. And HCI Design’s MemTest is one of the best free applications to do that.


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