How to Screen Record on Mac

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At the point when you need to catch something on your screen, a screen capture will do. In any case, screen captures don’t work in all cases. At times you might have to get a clasp, film an instructional exercise, or record something as it occurs on your Mac.

Fortunately, Macs have a local screen recording highlight that permits you to record and save part or all of what’s playing on your screen. You can likewise record outside sound or anything coming in through your mic.

How to Screen Record on Mac Using Screen Capture Tool in macOS Mojave

You can record your whole screen or chose a piece of it utilizing the screen catch device heated into macOS. The screen catch apparatus was included in September 2018 as a component of the new provisions that accompanied the macOS Mojave working framework.

With the device, you can catch recordings of your screen utilizing on-screen controls for fast access. You can likewise set a clock and pick where to save the screen captures or accounts.

To get to the screen catch device, press Shift + Command + 5 keys on your console to open the screen captures toolbar.

The toolbar has on-screen controls that you can use to record a selected portion of your screen or the entire screen or capture still images.

How to Record a Portion of Your Screen Using Screen Capture Tool

  1. Select the Record Selected Portion icon on the screenshots toolbar.

2. Next, drag to select the area of your screen that you want to record, and then select Record from the on-screen controls to start recording your screen.

3. When you’re done recording, you can press Command+Control+Esc or select the Stop button in the menu bar.

4. A skimming thumbnail of your recording will show up in the base right corner of your screen. From here, you can tap on the thumbnail to open your recording and alter or share the video. You can likewise swipe the thumbnail to one side to save the recording or drag the thumbnail to move the video to an alternate area.

  1. There are other settings you can change from the Options section in the screenshots toolbar. These settings include:
  • Save to, which lets you choose a location where your recordings will be automatically saved to.
  • If you’re filming a tutorial or guide, you can select Microphone to record your voice or other audio together with your screen recording.
  • The timer option allows you to choose when to start recording, which can be immediately, or a few seconds after you click to record.

How to Record Your Entire Screen on Mac Using Screen Capture Tool

Step 1. Select the Record Entire Screen button on the screenshots toolbar.

Step 2. Once your pointer changes to a camera, click the screen you want to record and then select the Record button from the on-screen controls to start recording it.

Step 3. When you’re done recording, you can press Command+Control+Esc or select the Stop button in the menu bar.

How to Record Your Entire Screen on Mac Using Quicktime Player

On the off chance that your utilization case includes complex channels, comments, and altering, you can utilize QuickTime Player to record your screen on Mac. QuickTime Player is a simple and dependable screen recorder and video player, which comes free with your Mac.

Step 1. To record your screen using QuickTime Player, open the player and then click File > New Screen Recording.

Step 2. A popup screen capture menu will appear. The popup offers options that allow you to record your screen and audio on Mac.

Step 3. Select the area of your screen that you want to record, and then select a microphone from the arrow next to the Record button to add audio.

Step 4. Select the Record button to begin recording. To record a piece of the screen, drag to choose the region you need to record and afterward select the Start Recording choice inside the chose region. You can likewise click anyplace on the screen to begin recording the whole screen.

Step 5. Once you’re done recording, select the Stop button to stop recording, or press Command+Control+Escape keys.

How to Record Your Screen and Audio on Mac

You might need to record your screen for preparing or instructive purposes, for example, onboarding fresh recruits or showing a gathering of understudies on the web. You can record your screen and sound on Mac to help other people effectively get what you need to say.

Macintoshes don’t have a devoted device you can use to screen record with sound. In any case, you can utilize the local QuickTime Player as clarified in the past segment to portray what’s going on your screen.

There are other outsider applications you can use to record your screen with voice-over or sound like CleanShot X or Dropshare. These applications let you make proficient screen accounts, alter, and share depending on the situation. You can likewise blur sound in or out, and quiet to get proficient sound without a console or snap commotions.

Record a Video of Anything on Your Mac

Screen recording makes it simpler for others to follow what’s going on your screen while taking care of the issue of working out portrayals for all that you need to say. In addition, in case you’re doing a FaceTime assemble or Zoom conference, you can record the recordings and safeguard them for supervision.


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