How To Save An Email As A Pdf File

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Wondershare allows you to create, edit and save documents, emails or PDFs using Microsoft Word from the comfort of your desktop. You can save any email or message on your Mac, iPhone or iPad in the Mail app as PDF file. When you use Mailbird to manage your email and messaging apps you can save, print and export your emails without leaving the app.

The printable document can be saved and viewed as a PDF when using Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail or any other email service. You can print your PDF document if you want to use the standard print function on your device. If a web browser supports printing, you can use Chrome, Edge or Firefox to print your email in PDF format, a portable format that maintains the document format.

This article explains how to save emails from popular services as PDF files for later use on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It outlines three ways to save an Outlook email as PDF file and presents AdobeA (r) Acrobata (r) the best for converting Outlook emails to PDF, an alternative to PDFElement. Saving your Microsoft Outlook emails as a PDF file is a task you can try using the Save to Outlook app.

Open the e-mail message you want to save as a PDF file and select File > Print. In previous versions of Outlook 2010, you had to save the email as an HTML file and then convert it into a pdf file. Open an Outlook email that you want to print as pdf and click File > Print button. Open the email and select the file you want to print.

Click the PDF button at the bottom right corner of the printer window and select Save as PDF. If you select Microsoft Print, you will be prompted for the location of your PDF document. In Wondershare or PDFElement, you can select File > Save to save and print the PDF document on your computer.

Spark is a mail app that makes it easy to save your Outlook email on your Mac as PDF file. With Spark’s built-in option to save emails as PDFs, you can convert any email you send or receive to a PDF file in your inbox. Spark automatically converts emails into PDFs when you store them in the cloud or share them with another email app via native iOS or Android share sheets.

If you want to save Outlook emails to your iPhone or iPad as PDFs, add your Outlook account to Spark for iOS and use the built-in Save as PDF option to export the email.

For multiple attachments as PDF file export, click Merge to a single Adobe Portable PDF. Depending on your request, choose whether you want to save the message or the last email as a PDF file. Save emails as PDFs in batches using the metadata of the email and the name of the PDF file.

The resulting PDF file contains a table of contents, bookmarks and links to email attachments for easy navigation. An excellent way to manage a single PDF file is an e-book that records all e-mails on a similar subject.

Save as a PDF file is possible to save as an email, message or conversation that you want to export and save to your device with just two simple taps.

Open Outlook and select the email you want to convert to PDF. Click the Save File button to save on your computer in the MSG format. When you are redirected to another page, in the destination section, a pop-up window will show you with the option to save as PDF. In the field Save as Print Save, select a folder for your PDF and enter a file name.

Tap Share button in the box with the up arrow in the upper right corner and select the program to save your PDF to. You can then rename the file, select its location and convert the email into a PDF file. If the email you want to convert to PDFElement is open, you can click the Save File button to save the email as PDF on your device.

This step is different if you are using Outlook on a Mac and want to save an email as a PDF file. Enlarge the thumbnail page and you will see the screen Printer Options to convert your email into a PDF file. Once you have done this, a new screen will appear and the email will be converted to PDF.

With this option, you can create a PDF file of the e-mail content, not just the attachments. As a PDF expert, you can view the attachments to be saved, add notes and signatures, edit the text and merge it with other files. If this happens as desired, the e-mail will be converted from print to PDF and saved as a PDF file.

This software is a reliable and portable utility that not only works to convert a PST email to PDF, but also can repair or recover from any kind of file corruption. Adobe Acrobat PDFElement is a good Outlook email converter program that can convert an Outlook file to PDF at a reasonable price.


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