How to Open or Extract RAR Files on Windows and Mac

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Have you ever downloaded a file from the internet only to discover that the strange.rar extension prevents you from opening it? This is due to the fact that your computer is unable to open this file format by default.

RAR is a compressed file format that lets you download and transmit enormous volumes of data across computers. However, special software is required to view the contents contained within RAR archive files. Everything you need to know about opening and extracting RAR files on Windows and Mac is right here.

What’s a RAR File?

A RAR file, which stands for Roshal Archive Compressed File, is a compressed file that can contain one or more additional files or folders. It’s similar to a regular folder on your computer where you can store multiple files and data, but it doesn’t take up as much space.

The sole disadvantage of a RAR file is that you must first open it and extract its contents before you can access the files inside. That is why you will require specialised software.

When downloading something over the internet, such as from a file-sharing website or computer programme, you’ll most likely come across a RAR file. The use of RAR files helps to keep file sizes modest, which allows for speedier downloads. You may also come across RAR files that have been broken down into sections. This is also done to make the download process easier.

How to Open or Extract RAR Files on Windows

On Windows, you may open and extract RAR files with a variety of apps. You can end up using a different software depending on your objectives. However, we propose that you limit your options to just two: 7-Zip or WinRAR

Use WinRAR to Create, Open, and Extract RAR Files on Windows

When it comes to software for opening RAR files, WinRAR is the default choice. It was created by the RAR file format’s creators. Aside from modifying RAR files, it also allows you to build and encrypt your own RAR files.

There’s nothing else you need to do after you’ve installed the software. To open and extract the contents of your RAR file, locate it and double-click it. In addition to opening and extracting RAR files, WinRAR can also create and open ZIP archives and other archive types. When it comes to archives, this is the one tool that can do it all. The only issue with this app is that you must first purchase it for roughly $40 before you can use it.

Use 7-Zip to Open and Extract RAR Files on Windows

If you don’t need extensive functionality and only want an app that allows you to open and extract RAR files on Windows, you can use a free and open-source analog of WinRAR – 7-Zip.

To get started with 7-Zip, you need to download the software from the website and install it on your Windows computer. After that, you can double-click any RAR file to open it and extract its contents. You can do this with or without opening the 7-Zip app first. To extract the contents of your RAR file, right-click it and select 7-Zip > Extract.

How to Open or Extract RAR Files on Mac

Archive Utility, a Mac native programme hidden in a system folder, allows you to create compressed files and manage multiple archives. It does, however, limit your influence over the process. It also only supports a limited number of archive formats.

The Unarchiver is one of the best options for opening or extracting RAR files on Mac. On your PC, you may use this tool to generate, open, and extract RAR files, as well as practically any other archive format. When compared to the Archive Utility, The Unarchiver is a full-featured programme that allows you to unpack your archives faster.

While The Unarchiver cannot create RAR files, it does make opening and extracting RAR files simple. You may open and extract the contents of your RAR file by double-clicking it once you’ve downloaded the software for free.

How to Open or Extract RAR Files Online

Using the free web-based programme Unzip-Online to open or extract RAR files on your PC is another option. Unzip-Online is a web-based file extractor that you may use from any web browser, regardless of the operating system on your machine. Unzip-Online is a great option for individuals who don’t want to install any additional software in order to extract RAR files.

RAR, ZIP, 7Z, and TAR archives are supported by Unzip-Online. Open the programme in your browser and select Browse to extract RAR files. Select Open after finding the RAR file on your PC. Then choose Uncompress file from the drop-down menu. You can then save the uncompressed files to your computer after they show on your screen.

How to Open Password Protected RAR Files

When you try to access a RAR file, you may discover that it is password-protected and that you are unable to unpack it. That’s especially aggravating if you chose to password-protect your files and then lost the password.

If you can’t remember your password, a RAR password breaker can help you get access to your files. RAR Password Cracker Expert is a good example of such a programme. It’s a free tool that you can programme to try all possible password cracking methods, including brute force and dictionary attacks. Keep in mind, however, that cracking a password-protected RAR file is a complex task that could take a long time.

Time to Start Unpacking

Using archives might help you preserve space on your device or minimise the time it takes to download files. At the same time, being unable to access files stored in an archive can be inconvenient. You should be able to open a RAR file on your computer using the information in this article, regardless of the operating system you’re using.

Do you frequently utilise RAR archives? To open or extract RAR files, what programme do you use? In the comments box below, tell us about your experience extracting RAR files.


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