How to Fix Delay or Lag When Typing in Windows

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If the characters appear on the screen a few seconds after you press them on your keyboard, they can slow down and reduce your productivity. Due to many factors, the writes seem to be syncing on the Windows device. Keyboard delays can be caused by slow computer speeds, defective USB ports, outdated keyboard drivers, or improperly configured keyboard settings.

Let’s explore ten troubleshooting steps that can fix keyboard delay when typing.

Close Unused Apps

Your keyboard’s reaction time might also additionally start to lag while your laptop is jogging slow. More precisely, while it’s low on center gadget resources (CPU and/or RAM). Close unused programs and take a look at if that improves the keyboard enter pace.

You also can reference this manual on boosting Windows’ pace to examine why your PC slows down and the way to restore overall performance issues.

Troubleshoot the Keyboard Connection

If you’re the usage of a stressed outside keyboard, ensure the cable is tightly plugged into your PC’s USB port. Unplug the keyboard and plug it again into the port, or transfer the keyboard to a extraordinary USB port. You can also use the keyboard on some other computer. If the typing postpone persists, the keyboard might be faulty.

Other USB add-ons also can intervene together along with your keyboard connection and motive it to lag. Unplug different USB gadgets related on your PC and test if that fixes delays in typing speed.

If you’re the usage of a stressed outside keyboard, ensure the cable is tightly plugged into your PC’s USB port. Unplug the keyboard and plug it returned into the port, or transfer the keyboard to a unique USB port. You may also use the keyboard on some other computer. If the typing put off persists, the keyboard might be faulty.

Other USB add-ons also can intervene together along with your keyboard connection and reason it to lag. Unplug different USB gadgets linked for your PC and test if that fixes delays in typing speed.

Disable Filter Keys

Do you regularly press a key more than one instances earlier than your PC gets the enter? Does your laptop fail to sign up keystrokes while you press a key briefly? You may have activated “Filter Keys” with the aid of using accident; protecting the proper Shift key for eight seconds allows the feature. Filter Keys save you undesirable keystrokes with the aid of using reducing the keyboard enter speed.

Microsoft designed the Filter Keys capability to make typing less complicated for customers with neurological disabilities like hand tremors or stiffness. If Filter Keys is energetic in your laptop, flip it off and test if that normalizes the keyboard reaction speed.

  1. Open the Windows Settings menu select Ease of Access.

2. Scroll through the sidebar and select Keyboard.

3. In the keyboard settings menu, toggle off Filter Keys and uncheck “Allow the shortcut key to start Filter Keys.”

launch the Control Panel, select Ease of Access Center, and select Make the computer easier to use.

Uncheck the Turn on Filter Keys option and click OK to save then change.

Run Windows Hardware Troubleshooter

Windows can restore itself once in a while relying on the character of the problem. Windows 10 ships with a integrated troubleshooting device that could diagnose and attach delays in typing together along with your PC’s keyboard. Use this device to clear up troubles with a specific key or the complete keyboard.

Go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Keyboard and select the Run the troubleshooter button.

Wait for the troubleshooting to experiment your computer—that might take approximately 1-five minutes—and observe the commands on the following page. Try the following advice if the troubleshooter doesn’t discover any trouble together along with your keyboard.

Reboot Your Computer

Close all apps and documents (so that you don’t lose unsaved changes) and restart your computer. If you’re the use of an outside or wi-fi keyboard, disconnect it out of your PC earlier than acting a reboot. Plug or reconnect the keyboard when your PC comes back on and see if that resolves the typing delay.

Update Keyboard Driver

Device drivers decide how the inner and outside hardware additives of your PC (e.g. display, keyboard, speakers, disk drives, etc.) speak with Windows. A tool might also additionally malfunction if its driving force is outdated.

If your keyboard delays the enter of keystrokes while typing, head to the Windows Device Manager and test if the keyboard driving force is updated.

  1. Right-click the Start menu icon (or press Windows key + X) and select Device Manager.

2. . Expand the Keyboards category, right-click the keyboard driver, and select Update device.

3. Select Search automatically for updated driver software.

Connect your PC to the net for the great result. Wait until Windows completes the take a look at and deployation any to be had driving force update. If Windows says you’ve got got the present day driving force version, uninstall the driving force (see the stairs below) and attempt again.

Reinstall Keyboard Driver

You might also additionally enjoy delays while typing in case your PC’s keyboard motive force is corrupt or incompatible with the keyboard. Fix this through uninstalling the motive force; Windows will set up a clean reproduction afterward.

  1. Launch the Device Manager, right-click the keyboard driver, and select Uninstall

2. Select Uninstall on the confirmation prompt to proceed.

3. To reinstall the keyboard driver, select Action on the Device Manager’s menu bar and select Scan for hardware changes.

Rebooting your PC will also reinstall the keyboard driver.

Modify Keyboard Properties

One suitable issue approximately Windows is that it gives huge customization options. If the postpone happens whilst you keep a key or press it more than one times, observe the stairs underneath to regulate your keyboard’s “Character repeat settings.”

  1. Press Windows key + R to launch the Windows Run box.
  2. Paste control keyboard in the dialog box and click OK.

Adjust the “Repeat postpone” or “Repeat rate” slider to repair the postpone while typing. Before you do so, here’s what each alternatives mean:

  • Repeat delay: This describes how long you have to hold down a key before Windows repeats the input on your screen.
  • Repeat rate: This option describes the speed at which you want Windows to repeat the keystroke input when you hold a key.

To correct the keyboard delay while typing, increase the “Repeat Speed” (from slow to fast) and shorten the “Repeat Delay” (long to short). Keep in mind that fast repeat rates and short repeat delays can also cause accidental duplication of keystrokes. Try these options until you find the perfect balance.

4. Click the clean conversation container and preserve down any key to check the keyboard repeat price earlier than last the window. Select OK to keep the changes.

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Interference

If your Wi-Fi router is near your computer, you may experience delays when typing on your wireless keyboard. This is because the signal from the router can interfere with the signal from the Bluetooth keyboard. To work around this, either disable Wi-Fi or move your computer away from the router. This fixes an issue for some Windows 10 users.

Perform a Clean Reboot

When you start your computer, applications and services on various systems (and third parties) start automatically. Some of these services keep your computer running, but they can slow down your computer and other applications.

Clean Boot loads only the required applications, drivers, and programs into Windows. This resolves the conflict and helps you determine if your app or service is causing the write delay. For more information, read this guide on how to perform a clean boot on Windows 10.

Check for Dirt and Hardware Damages

Your keyboard can also additionally fail to check in key presses if there’s dirt, dust, or different overseas cloth caught beneath the keys. The hassle may also be because of bodily harm to the keyboard or your PC’s reminiscence module.

Clean the keyboard, and in case you can, take out your PC’s reminiscence module and plug them again in properly. We endorse taking your pc to a certified carrier middle to get those done. Don’t attempt to do it your self so that you don’t in addition harm the keyboard and different tool components.

Enjoy Lag-Free Typing

Should the keyboard put off persist, strive resetting the keyboard’s settings to manufacturing unit default. You can also strive appearing a device repair if the trouble began out after putting in a brand new driver, OS update, or third-celebration software.


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