How to Find Out What Motherboard You Have Installed

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The motherboard is that the most vital element of your pc. It connects all of the opposite elements and permits them to speak. whereas motherboards don’t get the maximum amount attention as GPUs or CPUs, it’s still necessary to grasp that model is within your pc.

In this guide, we’ll find out how to search out the motherboard you have got with 5 fast ways.

Why Do You Need to Know?

Why will it matter what motherboard you’re using? It’s the foremost necessary factor you would like to grasp regarding your laptop, particularly once you need to upgrade any a part of your system. If you recognize your motherboard model, you’ll simply establish what form of CPU, RAM, SSD, or HDD it accepts.

For instance, not solely does one got to decide a brand new CPU from the motherboard’s CPU support list, however you will even have to perform a BIOS update before that CPU works. If you don’t recognize that motherboard you’ve got, you can’t recognize that BIOS update to put in.

Understanding Motherboard Model Names

Before we glance at ways to uncover your motherboard model range, you ought to have skills to spot it within the initial place. There’s no commonplace naming convention among motherboard makes, however, they are doing have some things in common.

You’ll typically notice that the majority of motherboards simply have a straightforward model code like “GA-B85N”. However, dearer motherboards could have distinct names, like the computer memory unit B450 AORUS professional local area network.

Whether the model name may be a somewhat cryptic code or an additional specific branded name, each can sometimes offer you some clue on the “chipset” of the motherboard. therefore within the case of the GA-B85N, it’s a board supported the recent B85 chipset. once it involves the B450, it uses the AMD B450 chipset.

You can browse all regarding chipsets in what’s the simplest Motherboard for Your AMD Ryzen CPU?

Now that you just have a much better plan of what a motherboard model name sounds like and even what it would mean, we’ll move to wherever you’ll be able to look it up.

Google Your Computer Model

If you acquire a prebuilt pc, the motherboard model is possibly listed within the specification sheet online. you’ll notice that info on the merchandise listing for the pc on websites like Amazon or on the company’s site that builds and sells the pc.

If you can’t notice the motherboard model of your prebuilt pc, it’s possibly an aftermarket motherboard that isn’t oversubscribed singly. In those cases, the prebuilt computer’s model name acts as a proxy for the motherboard.

If that also doesn’t assist you notice the data you wish, you mostly have an associate choice to contact the computer’s manufacturer to urge your answer.

Look at the Motherboard

Yes, it’s that straightforward. aside from OEM (Original instrumentation Manufacturer) and portable computer motherboards, you’ll nearly always notice the model variety written with boldness on the motherboard itself. it’s going to even be written on the board multiple times in numerous places.

Look at this image of the B450 AORUS professional WIFI:

You can see the model variety written on the motherboard, and that’s all you wish to place into Google to seek out the manufacturer page.

If you don’t see such a model variety, you’ll additionally explore for a serial variety (usually) written on the board’s edge. If it’s an aftermarket motherboard, you’re more contented checking out the particular pc model name.

Use the Command Line

Usually, it’s easy to identify your hardware by simply using the Device Manager in Windows, but if you look at that list, you won’t find your motherboard there. The good news is you can just use the Command Prompt to find that information.

  1. Open the Start Menu and type CMD. Then select Command Prompt.
  1. Now, type wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer and press Enter

The output will then tell you the name of your motherboard. In this case, we’re using a laptop, so the motherboard’s name also happens to be the computer’s name. On a desktop system, this is usually not the case.

Use the System Information App

The prompt could be a quick thanks to resolving the motherboard in an exceeding computer, and it’s handy in things wherever you’ll solely access the prompt and not the graphical interface of the package. However, if you’re a bit postponed by victimization the previous command, you’ll use the System info app to visualize your motherboard model moreover.

  1. Open the Start Menu and type System Information.
  1. Open System Information.
  2. Under System Summary, look for the Baseboard Product entry.

You’ll notice that this is the same information we got using the Command Prompt method, and indeed both that command and System Information get the data from the same place.

Use a Third-Party App

Many third-party applications will quickly gather info concerning your system and gift them during an additional easy method than the ways higher than. we tend to specifically like CPU-Z, which has long been the system information app of selection for pc geeks from all walks of life, together with hardcore overclockers and gamers.

All you’ve got to try to do is transfer the applying and install it. Then run it on your pc. within the case of CPU-Z, you’ll need to switch to the “Mainboard” tab, then you ought to see this.

The information underneath the “Model” field is what you’re trying to find, thus that’s simple enough!

Before you progress on, however, CPU-Z will tell you plenty a lot of regarding your motherboard than simply the model variety. It shows you the chipset, PCIe specific speed, and your current BIOS version variety. If you look underneath the “Memory” tab, you’ll see what sort of memory is put in moreover. There’s a decent probability you’re to search out|searching for} your motherboard model name to find this info. If that’s the case, then your search will finish right here.


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