How to Bulk Delete Contacts on iPhone

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Do you’ve got masses of out-of-date or replica contacts to your iPhone’s cope with the book? You probably need to put off them. But strangely, the Contacts app—even after nicely over a dozen iterations of iOS—does not characteristic a choice to delete a couple of contacts. Even casting off an unmarried touch is a chore!

Thankfully, you could use opportunity approaches to bulk delete contacts on the iPhone. Third-celebration touch cleanup gear or your Mac or PC need to assist you with that.

Bulk Delete iPhone Contacts Using Third-Party Contact Cleanup Apps

Deleting an person’s touch from the Contacts app for your iPhone calls for a couple of taps. You ought to pick the entry, faucet Edit, scroll all of the manners down, faucet Delete Contact, and faucet Delete once more to confirm.

That’s tedious and now no longer a viable method if you have got masses of contacts you need to remove. So instead, the quickest and maximum handy manner is to apply a third-celebration touch supervisor or cleanup tool.

A cursory seek at the App Store for iOS exhibits numerous apps that assist you to delete contacts in bulk. After checking them out, right here are a pair with strong consumer scores that helped us get the process achieved without fuss—Delete Contacts+ and Contact Cleanup.

Delete Contacts+

Delete Contacts+ now no longer best helps you to bulk delete contacts, however it additionally comes with extra features (which cost $3.99) that will let you merge or delete reproduction contacts. However, the loose model need to be extra than sufficient for the venture at hand.

After downloading and putting in Delete Contacts+ to your iPhone, open the app and pick out the Backup choice to lower back up your touch data. That need to assist you repair them at a later time.

Follow that via way of means of deciding on the All Contacts alternative on the pinnacle of the screen. Or, faucet the Accounts choice to view contacts via way of means of account protocol—e.g., CardDAV or Exchange.

You ought to then take a look at the radio buttons subsequent to the contacts you need to delete. Or faucet All to pick out the entirety and uncheck the contacts you need to keep. Once you’ve got carried out that, faucet Delete.

Alternatively, you can scroll down the Delete Contacts+ app’s main screen and pick a pre-set filter such as No Name, No Phone, No Email, etc., to filter and remove junk contacts quickly.

Contact Cleanup

Contact Cleanup works just like Delete Contacts+. It allows tone down cope with ee-e book muddle at no cost however hides functions to merge, move, and export contacts at the back of a $1.ninety nine in-app purchase.

The app functions a Backups tab that helps you to create a entire backup of your iPhone’s touch data. Don’t overlook to apply it. You can then transfer to the Contacts tab and faucet the All Contacts or Accounts alternatives to view contacts. Once you have completed choosing the objects you need to delete, faucet the Trash icon.

Bulk Delete iPhone Contacts Using the Contacts App on Mac

Unlike on iPhone, the Contacts app at the Mac helps you to choose and delete more than one contacts at once. If you sync your iCloud or third-celebration deal with books among each devices, any adjustments you’re making to your Mac shall additionally seem to your iPhone.

So begin via way of means of beginning the Contacts app to your Mac (choose Launchpad > Contacts). Then, choose All Contacts or an deal with ee-e book (along with iCloud or Exchange) and select contacts whilst retaining down the Command key.

Or, use the Shift + Arrow Up/Down keys to choose more than one gadgets automatically. You also can choose all gadgets in an deal with ee-e book via way of means of urgent Command + A after which deselect the gadgets you need to preserve whilst retaining down the Command key.

Follow that via way of means of urgent the Delete key. Or, control-click on the highlighted gadgets and choose Delete Cards. Finally, choose Delete to eliminate all decided on contacts.

Bulk Delete iPhone Contacts Using the Contacts Web App at

If you use a PC instead of a Mac (or have a Mac with a different Apple ID), you can bulk delete contacts using Apple’s Contacts web app at But that only applies to contacts you sync over iCloud.

Start by signing into with your Apple ID and select Contacts on the iCloud Launchpad. Follow that by picking the contacts you want to delete while holding down the Control or Command key. 

Or, press Control or Command A to select all contacts. You can then hold down the Control or Command key and deselect items you want to keep. Finally, press the Delete key and select Delete to confirm.

If you also use third-party accounts such as Gmail or Outlook to sync contacts, you can delete contacts in bulk using the relevant web apps—e.g., Google Contacts or Outlook People—and your changes will reflect on the iPhone.

Bulk Delete All iPhone Contacts From a Source Account

If you need to delete all touch information from a particular source (consisting of iCloud, Gmail, or Outlook), disconnecting the account from the Contacts app activates your iPhone to take away them automatically. To do that, open the Settings app, faucet Contacts, and choose Accounts. Then, faucet the applicable account and flip off the transfer subsequent to Contacts. Confirm through tapping Delete from My iPhone.

Dropping Off Contact

As you simply saw, you have got more than one methods to delete contacts to your iPhone en masse. Just choose the technique that fits you the best, and also you have to be capable of get the Contacts app decluttered and below manage quickly.


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