Fix “Your PC’s CPU isn’t compatible with Windows 8/10” Error

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I ’ve installed Windows 8/ Windows 10 on a couple of machines recently to play around with it and it has been installed without a problem on all machines except one. On an aged Dell computer that I have, I get the following error communication during setup.

<H2> Your PC’s CPU isn’t compatible with Windows 8 </H2>

I was pretty positive that Windows 8 may well be put in on the PC when trying up the Windows eight system necessities, thus I used to be stunned to envision this message. you’ll conjointly get this message once putting in Windows ten. If you check the subsequent links, you’ll see the fundamental RAM, CPU necessities for Windows 8 & 10.

Unfortunately, these don’t get in super specific details regarding the wants, that was why I couldn’t understand why I used to be obtaining this error on my holler. therefore here’s what my drawback was and what you would like to try and do to mend it in order that you’ll be able to install Windows 8 and Windows 10 with no problems.

CPU Features

So in order to install Windows 8 or Windows 10, the CPU on your machine needs to support the following features:

- PAE or Physical Address Extension

- NX (No eXecute bit)

- SSE2

Now by default, most modern CPUs support these features and it’s not an issue. If you are getting this error, it’s most likely that NX is not enabled in your BIOS. To learn how to figure out if your system supports NX and SSE2, check out this whitepaper by Microsoft:

Also, it goes through some steps to show you how to enable NX if your system does support it. Basically, though, you have to go to your BIOS and browse through some of the advanced pages until you find something related to the following:

  • EDB (Execute Disabled Bit)
  • Execute Disabled Memory Protection
  • EVP (Enhanced Virus Protection)
  • No Execute Memory Protect

The NX feature will have many names listed on top of and betting on your system, it can be one thing totally different. the simplest possibility here is to transfer the description sheet for your laptop or motherboard if you’ll be able to realize it and look for NX within the manuals. Note that if you don’t even see any of those choices, it should be as a result of your BIOS having to be updated. If you’ve got an Associate in Nursing older laptop and you haven’t updated the BIOS in a very whereas, then the primary issue to try to do is update it.

For my hollow, I had to update the BIOS to the newest version, then modify NX within the settings and everything worked fine at that time. I used to be ready to install Windows 8/Windows ten while not a haul.

Boot From USB/DVD

The only workaround that formally works if you are doing not have NX enabled is to burn the ISO image onto a videodisk or produce a bootable USB flash drive so boot from the videodisk or flash drive. There square measure 2 installers in Windows eight, the buyer one and also the business one. One is within the root of the videodisk and also the alternative is in /sources directory. once you boot victimization the videodisk or flash drive, the business installer runs and thus doesn’t check for NX and SSE2.

Note that this is often solely with the discharge preview. this is often most likely not reaching to be however it works once Windows eight is finally discharged. At that time, if you get a blue screen throughout the install, your electronic equipment is just too previous and won’t be able to run Windows eight. If your electronic equipment doesn’t support NX altogether, then it won’t install either means.

If you’re making an attempt to upgrade the buyer Preview to the discharge Preview, you’ll additionally get this error. during this case, you ought to merely reformat so do a recent install of the discharge Preview. This has worked for a couple of individuals.

If you continue to can’t get Windows eight to put in as a result of your electronic equipment isn’t compatible, post a comment here along with your laptop specs and we’ll attempt to facilitate. If you’re having this electronic equipment isn’t a compatible drawback in Windows ten, then inspect this post that provides a great deal a lot of tips about the way to fix it. Enjoy!


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