5 Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles for Free

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Captions aren’t only for the conference disabled—they assist you with seeing new dialects, just as unravel hard to-follow discourse. In case you’re watching a film on DVD or Blu-beam, you may have a caption track included, however generally just in a couple of dialects (if by any means).

Fortunately, there are a few sites accessible on the web, where you can download caption tracks for films, both well known and dark. This allows you to encounter films in a completely unique language to your own.


With perhaps the greatest assortment of film captions on the web (more than 5,000,000, as indicated by the actual webpage), OpenSubtitles is most likely the main website you need to attempt in case you’re hoping to download captions.

The site is a genuinely foreign concern, with more than 50 distinctive language choices to browse, permitting you to look through the site in dialects from Aragonese to Vietnamese.


As you can presumably figure from the name, Addic7ed (which means dependent) expects to be the all inclusive resource giving captions to film addicts. Like OpenSubtitles, it’s one of the captions locales that proposition downloads for the two motion pictures and TV shows.

You’ll have to pursue Addic7ed to have the option to download captions. Whenever you’re endorsed in, you can look for motion pictures utilizing a pursuit bar, or look through a drop-down menu. New deliveries are conspicuously shown in a RSS channel at the highest point of the page.

The site likewise offers a timetable, showing the following arrivals of your number one TV shows to remain coordinated (with pertinent connections to captions gave). It likewise offers a FAQ and backing gatherings to pose inquiries, alongside instructional exercise pages to disclose how to utilize captions with normal projects.


While Podnapisi may seem like it serves the global market, this English-language site for film captions is one of the cleanest and least difficult to utilize. The webpage gloats more than 2 million captions for download, with more than 58,000 motion pictures and more than 6,000 TV series accessible.

Podnapisi is isolated into clear segments, with the fundamental page showing a waitlist of the most recent transferred captions, just as segments showing the as of late best-evaluated, most downloaded, and most remarked on transfers.

YIFY Subtitles

Named after the notable robbery bunch and considering their deliveries, YIFY Subtitles is another easy to-utilize website to download captions. In contrast to a portion of the other significant destinations, YIFY Subtitles just offers film captions for download.

Try not to let the connection to the robbery bunch put you off—YIFY Subtitles are protected and theft free, offering downloads in various dialects. The first page offers a rundown of famous and as of late delivered motion pictures, alongside classifications isolating films by each language

DIVX Subtitles

While the website looks and seems like something out of the mid-2000s, DIVX Subtitles is as yet a helpful asset for discovering captions to download, particularly for more seasoned deliveries. The site has been run since something like 2002 (and before that by an alternate proprietor).

Updates for DIVX Subtitles keep on streaming through, particularly for significant deliveries and non-English motion pictures. You can look through the site by watchword, language, arrangement or rating, however, you can likewise investigate the most recent transfers by means of the classification page.

Finding The Best Movie Subtitles

These captions locales are valuable, yet they’re controlled by volunteers and are, at times, pretty promotion weighty. Utilize your own judgment, yet you might have to believe hindering advertisements on these locales to have the option to make the most use out of them.

In case you can’t track down the right captions for a film, you could likewise consider making video captions yourself all things being equal.


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